Network Design & Installation

Before making any recommendations to you, one of our IT specialists can visit your place of business to assess your current set up in line with any additional objectives.


If you are planning a new network or simply looking for new hardware that's capable for your needs, Microworld will take the time to understand your business needs and processes. For new networks we can recommend the equipment required. We will lay out a design for the new network ensuring that everything is right.


We offer complete refits of IT equipment from cabling to installation, preparation and launch. We will manage the entire project ensuring a smooth transition. We will document all aspects of your new network and ensure its 100% ready for use. We can re-configure existing networks or carry out a complex move to a new building, thus adopting a multi-phase transition and ensuring little or no downtime to your business.

Technical Consultancy

Optimising the performance of your whole IT infrastructure can benefit your company in many ways, from saving money to staff efficiency.

We can create a solution tailored to your individual business requirements, and help you make the most out of your IT spend. Microworld works with businesses of all sizes to provide consultancy on new and existing IT projects, using our expert skills to add efficiency and value to your company. Let us do all the hard work for you; we can estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer your full IT system.

Whether you have in-house expertise or not, our collective knowledge gathered from working with businesses in all sectors can be used to help you. IT projects can be difficult to manage, ensuring all the elements come together to deliver on time. Our engineers are experienced in project management and can be used for this to ensure the investment you have made is delivered to the standard you require.

Server Installation & Support

Microworld install a range of servers to suit all business needs and budgets. We project manage your installation from start to finish, and attend to all the details.

We are a HP Business Partner, and negotiate favourable rates on server hardware – with exacting specifications to ensure longevity and growth potential.

Microworld install servers in your business, and project manage your installation from start to finish.

Server installations are usually migrated to help with business continuity. They range from single server installations (common for most business) through to visualised and consolidated systems.

The key to a smooth install with minimal interruption is good preparation. We follow carefully specified set up plans, which through our development, we seek to constantly improve. We work closely with our clients and understand the important applications. Some businesses have bespoke or third party software or licences that require assistance in moving and reconfiguring.

No matter how well an install is planned there is always snagging afterwards, and we always have an engineer on hot-standby once your new server goes live.

We can often advise new ways to use maximise your licences, which can give you great flexibility and savings.


When a virtual infrastructure is deployed, you are not only solidifying your IT infrastructure for the future, you are also gaining high availability for your systems, increased flexibility for deploying new services and solutions and improved disaster recovery capabilities.

What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation allows you to run multiple virtual computers on a single physical computer by sharing the physical resources (processor, memory and hard disk). The virtual computers exist on your network in exactly the same way as any other computer, allowing them to be managed and controlled in exactly the same way.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Virtualisation with Microsoft is based around the Windows Server operating system that is familiar to IT staff across the world. This can potentially make the move to a virtual environment easier.


VMware is dedicated to providing virtualisation and cloud solutions and has been one of the leading players in the virtualisation market for several years. Its products have evolved as virtualisation has developed and are now recognised by some as the benchmark against which all other virtualisation solutions are compared.

How Can Microworld Help?

Microworld provides virtualisation consultancy and are partners with many of the leading vendors, including Microsoft, VMware and HP. We can use these strategic partnerships along with our own in-house virtualisation experts to plan, manage and implement a virtualisation solution that is right for your business. Our staff are accredited in both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere to ensure that we help you leverage all the benefits by reducing risk, increasing efficiency and solidifying the infrastructure for the future.